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Persecution Porn: Quick Thoughts On God’s Not Dead 2

I wrote a detailed post about my intense distaste for the original “God’s Not Dead” movie, so you can imagine how delighted I was to see this new trailer for the sequel! Last time our heroes defeated the evil powers of atheist academia, and this time they’re up against the dreaded ACLU (spit on the ground). Looks like the franchise is doubling down on what it does best: fearmongering and persecution fantasies. This movie appears to be modeled after those inspiring movies about outsiders who fight the system to earn their rights, except those movies are usually based on real people with real problems, while this one is based on segment two of a bad talk radio show.

Three bizarre lines of dialog stood out to me in this trailer:

“The message of the gospel has us standing in the way of a lot of things that powerful people want. We’re at war!” – Pastor Cool Dude

WTHuh? I can’t begin to decipher what this is supposed to mean, but I have a sinking feeling it has something to do with American Christians losing the cultural clout and privilege they’ve enjoyed for a very long time. But here’s the thing about that: if Christians actually lived their lives in accordance with “the gospel” – the real gospel – they’d have willingly forfeited or surrendered that privilege a long time ago. Dogma and authority must be contended and fought for, but grace and peace only come through love and surrender.

Silly rabbit, Christians don’t fight for influence and power. They’re too busy dying for their enemies.

“If we’re going to insist that a Christian’s right to believe is subordinate to all other rights, then it’s NOT a right!” – Atticus Flinch

OK, first off I’m not sure that the “right to believe” is really a thing. No one is trying to take away anyone’s ability to think or believe whatever they want. The issue, if there is one, is how the expression of beliefs affects others in an intentionally diverse society. That’s not a sign of persecution or the end times, it’s a legitimate question that concerns all Americans. You’re not being persecuted, you just have neighbors who are human beings like you.

Strictly speaking, shouldn’t Christian culture be less interested in fighting for the rights and influence of Christians and far more intent on advocating for the rights of others?

“I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God!” – Sabrina the Middle-aged Teacher

If that’s true, then quit your job and refuse to defend yourself. Take the hit. Lose in public with grace and truth on your side. Like Jesus.

Christians. Don’t. Fight. For. Rights. And. Power.